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Eschborn Opel Zoo

The Trinseo Eschborn team built a new monkey habitat at a zoo, supporting an endangered species and enhancing a favorite family destination in the local community.

The Barbary macaques is an endangered species of monkey that can be found at the Opel Zoo, a family-run zoo located near the Trinseo office in Eschborn, Germany. For decades, the zoo has educated youth and families on the importance of wildlife. Recently, 12 members of the Trinseo Eschborn team rolled up their sleeves and headed to the zoo for a volunteer day spent building and improving enclosures for the monkeys.

Thanks to a day of hard work from the Trinseo Eschborn team, the monkeys now have a new large play pen for interacting and roaming around. The play pen was built from recycled fire hoses and other repurposed materials.

"Thanks to a day of hard work from the team, the monkeys now have a new large play pen."

As a thank you to the Trinseo team for their contribution, the zoo highlighted Trinseo on a plaque next to the animal enclosure.

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