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Quality in Action

Trinseo’s quality approach is based on the idea that every person in the company has the responsibility for – and contributes to – the quality of Trinseo’s products and services. In fact, the strategies and performance metrics for Trinseo’s businesses include specific quality goals.

Cross-functional teams accomplish these quality goals and include employees with many different responsibilities, such as business, research and development, purchasing, supply chain, and manufacturing.

Business performance standards, such as Trinseo ISO certifications, are used to support a quality strategy that consistently meets established specifications and contractual obligations, as well as regulatory compliance.

These standards support a strategy that will:

  • Deliver the right products by meeting the agreed product specifications and product performance requirements (In Quality)
  • Deliver products on-time by including the correct documentation and packaging format (In Service)

Our employees carefully analyze customer feedback to define corrective and preventive actions that minimize the risk of recurrence.

Trinseo ISO Quality

Trinseo’s management systems integrate select external quality standards into our best practices. Our manufacturing facilities use ISO quality systems from the International Standards Organization (ISO), including 9001, 16949, 13485, 14001, and 50001, as well as Current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMP) for direct and indirect food-contact and medical products.

Overall, we earn and maintain business through laser-like focus on quality products and services that meet customer needs every day.


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