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Innovative ABS and PC/ABS Solutions for Spoilers

Trinseo’s groundbreaking materials solutions deliver advanced design, aerodynamics, and performance for spoilers. These resins comply with global OEM requirements, while meeting the challenges of spoiler design complexity, improved fit and finish, and lighter weight performance.

Spoilers represent one of the largest segments within the automotive exterior trim and accessory industry. Trinseo's MAGNUM™ ABS Resin and PULSE™ PC/ABS Engineering Resin meet the requirements of the three main types of spoiler designs:

  • Typical injection molded
  • Larger injection molded
  • Blow molded

Typical injection-molded spoiler designs require a high melt flow for easy processing and a very smooth, consistent surface, along with good impact resistance for durability. Low coefficient of linear thermal expansion (CLTE) is very important for larger injection-molded spoiler designs, which require enhanced dimensional stability due to size, operating temperature range, and gap tolerance requirements relative to other vehicle components. Trinseo’s mineral-filled materials allow for weight improvements of more than 10% versus incumbent, low CLTE products offered for spoiler applications. Finally, blow molded spoiler designs demand good melt/parison strength for processing, a smooth surface finish for paintability, and high impact performance.

The benefits of Trinseo’s wide range of materials solutions for your spoiler designs include:

  • Unique and consistent material properties
  • Design flexibility and easy processing
  • Dimensional stability
  • High quality fit and finish
  • Global material availability

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