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Advanced Materials for Exterior Aesthetic Trim Applications

For outstanding exterior trims, Trinseo offers globally available, innovative plastics with high flow and low density, enabling cost-effective processing, fewer CO2 emissions, and improved fuel efficiency for vehicles.

The exterior trim on vehicles crosses numerous styles and functions, resulting in a wide range of critical performance requirements, such as:

  • Light weight for CO2 and cost reductions
  • Part dimensional stability from -30°C to 90°C
  • Tight assembly tolerance with minimal gaps for optimal fit
  • Smooth and high-gloss, premium-quality finish
  • Long­term durability (impact resistance, paint, or chrome plating adhesion, etc.)

PULSE™ XT Series Engineering Resins from Trinseo include PC/ABS blends with high heat resistance, easy processability, and high-gloss surface finish. PULSE™ XT50 PC/ABS Resin and PULSE™ XT70 PC/ABS Resin are especially suitable for high-gloss painted, premium-quality components, meeting the needs of exterior heat resistance and durability. The lower density of these material grades supports mass reduction, while the high flow enables both large-part and thin-wall designs. They are the most cost-effective solutions for low- to medium-temperature paint systems.

The mineral-filled PULSE™ XT7215 PC/ABS Resin and PULSE™ XT9215 PC/ABS Resin provide the lowest coefficient of linear thermal expansion (CLTE), high flow, high ductility, and best-in-class dimensional stability, enabling optimized wall thickness and more design freedom at lower cycle times – even with larger or longer parts. The significant density advantage of up to 10% can offer lighter parts and optimized cost.

Additional customized PULSE™ Engineering Resins are available to meet more-specific exterior trim application requirements. For example, PULSE™ EXT100 PC/ABS Resin delivers high creep resistance with toughness and high gloss for excellent chrome plating durability and paintability.

For blow-molded trim parts, MAGNUM™ 1250BG ABS Resin provides high impact and durability, especially for large, single-piece part designs with deep contours. For injection- molded applications, MAGNUM™ 8734 ABS Resin or MAGNUM™ 8536 ABS Resin stand out with high gloss and high flow for superior paint adhesion and surface quality.

For even more demanding components, CALIBRE™ 303-10 Polycarbonate provides the highest gloss and heat and impact resistance to meet the need for a hard and durable surface for exterior appliqué and cladding trim applications, either painted or Si-coated.

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