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Specialized Engineering Resins for Wheel Trim Applications

Trinseo Automotive provides leading PC/ABS engineering resins to achieve optimal fit, high-end finish, and high-mileage performance for wheel covers.

Wheel covers are prominent exterior applications supporting a vehicle’s premium and recognizable appearance. Produced from chrome-plated metal in previous eras, today’s wheel trim components are most often advanced plastics that must meet stringent demands, such as:

  • High adhesion with paint and chrome plating
  • Low weight
  • Top-of-the-line appearance 
  • High stability under low load
  • Excellent all-temperature performance
  • Abrasion and environmental resistance (moisture, chemical, UV, etc.)

PULSE™ EXT100 PC/ABS Resin and PULSE™ EXT200 PC/ABS Resin from Trinseo meet these requirements. PULSE™ EXT200 PC/ABS Resin features medium heat, high impact, and higher flow, enabling good paintability and chrome plating. PULSE™ EXT100 PC/ABS Resin offers high heat, high impact at low temperatures, high creep resistance, and excellent chrome plating, and paint adhesion performance.

Use the resources here to learn more about our PC/ABS engineering resins that enable long-term part durability and excellent high-gloss part surface for premium-aesthetic, chrome-plated and painted wheel trim.

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