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Innovative Plastics for Automotive Interior Applications

Trinseo Automotive supports car manufacturers around the world with high-performance ABS, PC/ABS, PP compounds, Reinforced Elastomers, and TPE Solutions in creating an interior experience of perfect functionality, haptics and high-quality aesthetics.

Ceiling Trinseo Automotive provides customizable rigid and soft polymer solutions to produce automotive ceiling components with optimized comfort, future-ready connectivity, and aesthetic appearance.
Door Modules For challenging applications like door modules, Trinseo Automotive offers ENLITE™ Structural Polymers that bring lightweighting and cost-effectiveness – without compromising design freedom or complex functionality.
Door Trim & Panel Trinseo’s advanced ABS, PC/ABS, PP compounds and TPE Solutions meet the demand for outstanding interior door components. Our high-performance products satisfy consumers' increasing expectations for storage, comfort, and outstanding haptics.
Glove Box Trinseo Automotive offers innovative PC/ABS, talc-filled PP, and Reinforced Elastomers for glove box applications with high aesthetic and functional requirements.
Instrument Panel Trinseo Automotive offers tailor-made PC/ABS resins, PP compounds, and TPE Solutions to fulfill the complex requirements of advanced instrument panels for a unique automotive interior experience.
Mid/Floor Console Mid/floor consoles in vehicles have complex challenges in terms of functionality and aesthetics. ABS and PC/ABS resins, Reinforced Elastomers, and TPE Solutions from Trinseo Automotive offer a lightweighting solution to meet these needs.
Pillars Trinseo Automotive has developed a broad range of ABS, PC/ABS, PP compounds, and Reinforced Elastomers to enhance safety, performance, and the appearance of vehicle interior pillars.
Seating Trinseo supports premium OEMs and their suppliers with innovative ABS, PC/ABS, PP, Reinforced Elastomers and TPE for seating components, while meeting the requirements of optimal ergonomics, safety, and aesthetics.
Trim Advanced PC/ABS blends, Reinforced Elastomers, PP compounds, and TPE Solutions from Trinseo Automotive enable you to meet the complex and exacting requirements of trim manufacturing for premium automotive interior design.