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Innovative Plastics for Automotive Interior Applications

Trinseo Automotive supports global car manufacturers with high-performance ABS, PC/ABS, polypropylene (PP) compounds, and reinforced elastomers to meet the increasing need for vehicle interiors with greater functionality and aesthetics.

Providing components for today’s automotive interiors is increasingly challenging. Designs require not only desirable aesthetics but also more safety, comfort, and digital connectivity – together with lighter weight and improved cost-competitiveness. 

Trinseo has innovative plastics for demanding and cost-effective interior applications, such as door panels, instrument panels, overhead consoles, seating, glove boxes, mid/floor consoles, pillars, and trims. 

MAGNUM™ ABS ResinsPULSE™ PC/ABS ResinsINSPIRE™ Polypropylene, and VELVEX™ Reinforced Elastomers offer many advantageous properties, such as:

  • Heat resistance
  • Low inherent gloss
  • Low odor and emissions
  • Low inherent natural resin color
  • Lot-to-lot consistency of properties and color
  • Thermal stability
  • Improved UV stability
  • Best scratch and mar resistance
  • Easy processability
  • Light weight

Use the options below to explore our expertise in engineering, prototyping, testing, and materials for enhanced vehicle interiors, or get in touch with us directly.

Door Trim & Panel Trinseo’s advanced ABS and polypropylene (PP) solutions meet the demand for outstanding interior door components. Our high-performance materials solutions satisfy consumers' expectations for storage, comfort, and appearance.
Glove Box Trinseo Automotive offers innovative PC/ABS, talc-filled polypropylene, and reinforced elastomers for glove box applications with high aesthetical and functional requirements.
Instrument Panel Trinseo Automotive offers tailor-made PC/ABS resins and polypropylene compounds to fulfill the complex requirements of advanced instrument panels for a unique driving experience.
Mid/Floor Console Mid/floor consoles have complex challenges in targeting high functionality and aesthetics. ABS and PC/ABS resins and reinforced elastomers from Trinseo Automotive offer a lightweighting solution to meet these needs.
Overhead Console Trinseo provides advanced plastics solutions with low density and high flow to support your overhead console designs for comfortable ambience, connected functionality, and style.
Pillars Trinseo Automotive has developed a broad range of plastics to enhance safety, performance, and the appearance of vehicle interior pillars.
Seating Trinseo supports premium OEMs and their suppliers with innovative ABS, PC/ABS, polypropylene, and reinforced elastomers for seating trim solutions, while meeting the requirements of optimal ergonomics, safety, and aesthetics.
Trim For outstanding exterior trims, Trinseo offers globally available, innovative plastics with high flow and low density, enabling cost-effective processing, fewer CO2 emissions, and improved fuel efficiency for vehicles.