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Customizable Plastics for Comfortable, Connected Overhead Consoles

Trinseo provides advanced plastics solutions with low density and high flow to support your overhead console designs for comfortable ambience, connected functionality, and style.

Evolving customer needs and desires increasingly turn automotive interiors into areas of comfort and connectivity, and overhead consoles are prime targets for this trend. Overhead consoles were once mere storage spaces and housings for switches, vents, and lights, but today they may also frame electronic devices like media players, screens, and speakers.

Materials used for overhead consoles must offer medium to high heat resistance and good dimensional stability under low loads. Their surface appearance typically requires low gloss, good mold-in-color aesthetics, and good scratch and mar resistance.

PULSE™ Engineering Resins meet these requirements. Trinseo optimized PULSE™ GX 50 PC/ABS Resin and PULSE™ GX 70 PC/ABS Resin for heat and impact resistance and for lowest gloss. Additionally, with their lower density and higher flow, these resins enable excellent mold-in-color aesthetics allowing paint and, therefore, cost elimination with first-rate processability.

Adding to your options, our PULSE™ 2100LG PC/ABS Resin and PULSE™ 920MG PC/ABS Resin stand out with their high heat dimensional stability, creep resistance, high impact resistance, and good aesthetics. These properties result in excellent surface durability, low gloss, and significant weight saving potential due to the lower density. The high flow grades enable thin wall part design, resulting in additional weight reduction potential, and larger overhead console designs are possible due to longer flow lengths.

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