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Innovative Plastics for Pillars

Trinseo Automotive has developed a broad range of plastics to enhance safety, performance, and the appearance of vehicle interior pillars.

Interior pillars have to provide multiple properties that support a valuable aesthetic appearance, high impact protection, safety functionalities, and medium to high heat resistance. When airbag deployment functionalities are required, interior pillars also need materials with low temperature impact resistance. For unpainted pillar applications, low gloss aesthetics and easy flow are required.

The family of PULSE™ GX Engineering Resins from Trinseo Automotive offers suitable properties and supports pillar application demands:

  • PULSE™ GX50 and PULSE™ GX70 Engineering Resins provide low temperature impact resistance in combination with low density and an easy flow, which enables weight and cost reduction; The low gloss feature of these resins provides the opportunity to achieve a nice textile look in combination with the appropriate laser etch grain technology
  • PULSE™ GX90 Engineering Resin provides superior low temperature ductility to -35º C
  • PULSE™ 2000EZ Engineering Resin is a favorable material of choice in the North American market; It provides an outstanding combination of good, low temperature ductility with very high heat resistance and easy flow, enabling thin wall part designs

As a cost-effective materials solution for pillars without airbag deployment, Trinseo Automotive offers customized MAGNUM™ ABS Resins with either lower or sufficient heat resistance.

All our MAGNUM™ ABS and PULSE™ PC/ABS resins benefit of a unique mass production process enhancing low emission, VOCs, and odor to fulfill interior requirements, compared to most of the standard emulsion resins.

Additionally, INSPIRE™ 1305/1405 Performance Polymers with low emission, low gloss, and good scratch resistance – or VELVEX™ 5250 Reinforced Elastomers with very low gloss and very good scratch and mar resistance – are also suitable.

Explore the multiple benefits that Trinseo Automotive plastics solutions can add to your pillar applications. Get in touch with a Trinseo expert to learn more.

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