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Lightweight Seating Delivers Optimal Personal Comfort and Safety

Trinseo supports premium OEMs and their suppliers with innovative ABS, PC/ABS, polypropylene, and reinforced elastomers for seating trim solutions, while meeting the requirements of optimal ergonomics, safety, and aesthetics.

Facing increasing demands for enhanced occupant comfort, car manufacturers continuously improve the functional, safety-relevant, and aesthetic quality of vehicle seating. At the same time, improved fuel economy and cost efficiency are needed. Customized interior design, intelligent adjustments, and comfort functionalities push the limits for suitable materials. New challenges that are being driven by multifunctional vehicle seating in autonomous-driving cars add to the market demands.

For the high standards of automotive seat applications, plastics have to provide high design freedom and quality at low mass, without a loss of high durability or good impact performance. To meet these complex requirements, Trinseo offers you a variety of ABS resins and compounds that meet your needs:

We look forward to collaborating with you to develop advanced seating solutions with innovative Trinseo materials. Get in touch with a Trinseo expert to explore the potential.

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