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Polycarbonate and ABS Resins for Single- and Multiple-use Medical Devices

Backed by a global infrastructure and industry-recognized regulatory compliance expertise, Trinseo specializes in high-performance polycarbonate-, polystyrene-, and ABS-based material solutions for single-use devices (SUDs) and multiple-use devices (MUDs).

Trinseo thermoplastics and technologies are the preferred choice for single- and multiple-use devices, such as stopcocks, trocars, luer locks, syringes, respiratory devices, and handheld medical surgical instruments.

We offer high-performance material solutions from among our families of polycarbonate-, polystyrene-, and ABS resins, many of which have been fully or partially biocompatibility tested according to ISO 10933 standards:

Some also reduce color shift following gamma or electron beam radiation (radiation-stabilized polycarbonate). We also offer glass-filled resins.

Whether your needs are for high melt flow, dimensional stability, chemical resistance, colorability, or clarity, Trinseo resins offer ideal solutions. We also focus on quality, reliability, and compliance with regulatory requirements.

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Chemical Resistance with EMERGE™ Series Resins Increasing concerns about hospital acquired infections (HAI) mean today’s medical equipment must endure exposure to powerful disinfectants and cleaners. The EMERGE™ 9000 Advanced Resin series from Trinseo delivers a unique combination of advanced properties, including exceptional chemical resistance.
Radiation Stabilized Materials for Devices CALIBRE™ MEGARAD™ 2091 Polycarbonate Resin is an advanced, medical-grade material from Trinseo that uses patented technology to address the long-troubling problem of the discoloration of polycarbonate devices that are sterilized with gamma or electron beam irradiation.
Structural Support with Glass Filled Materials For applications requiring enhanced strength and stiffness, dimensional stability, yet lighter weights, Trinseo offers the CALIBRE™ 5000 Series of glass-filled polycarbonate resins for medical devices and handheld instruments.