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Plastic Packaging for Protection, Convenience, and Aesthetics

Trinseo offers a variety of polystyrene materials suitable to a wide range of packaging applications.

Plastic is the most widely used material for packaging. It is light and easy to process to fit different packaging needs. Trinseo offers high impact polystyrene and general purpose polystyrene products for applications like dairy, food service, ambient, deli & bakery, frozen/chilled, and more.

Plastic packaging using Trinseo polystyrene resins can help reduce weight and cost, while also providing freshness, convenience, information, and the aesthetics essential to achieving consumer sales – all while maintaining stringent quality requirements.

Trinseo also understands the additional pressures facing today’s packaging value chain: price pressures, differentiation, sustainability, weight reduction (both for cost savings and sustainability), consumer convenience, and safety. We recognize the importance of these concerns and are committed to ongoing investment in research and development to ensure these challenges can be successfully met.

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An excellent menu of products for the food service industry

The food service industry is characterized by an increased need for higher productivity, the arrival of new convenience products, and disposable merchandise. Even though over 85% of the product cost is driven by raw material, there is still little product differentiation for this application. Raw material and technology improvements are therefore critically important in this industry.

STYRON A-TECH™ 1200 High Impact Polystyrene (HIPS) Resin features our leading rubber technology, enhancing the balance between stiffness and toughness to create efficiencies in product weight reduction and increased blending opportunities (allowing for both raw material and fabrication savings).

STYRON™ General Purpose Polystyrene (GPPS) Resins offer consistent processability and performance with excellent clarity for packaging, such as beverage cups, trays, and single-serve containers. STYRON™ HIPS Resins provide the balanced toughness, gloss, and processability desired for more-durable cups, serving trays, and more.

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