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LIGOS™ Binders

The word ligos means “to bind.” The family of LIGOS™ Binders can be recognized by the strong performance of Trinseo’s bonding technologies (including styrene acrylic [SA] and styrene butadiene [SB] latex) ‒ and by an even stronger commitment to our customers and the industry.

LIGOS™ Binders cover a broad range of applications, including textiles and carpet, paper and board, and adhesives and construction. This diverse portfolio of synthetic latex binders is backed by in-depth formulation and application expertise, global R&D and manufacturing capabilities, and the ability to work closely with customers to develop tailored, leading-edge solutions. As a result, LIGOS™ goes beyond the science and technology of binder performance to create – and nurture – powerful bonds that arise from innovation, collaboration, and dedication:

  • Adherence to stringent standards
  • Connections that unite us with our customers and us with them
  • Links that demonstrate our commitment to the industry
  • Ties that prove we’re here to stay

LIGOS™ Binders product formulations also work seamlessly with our ENVERSA™ Technology and LOMAX™ Technology.

NOTE: Products currently being sold to the marketplace will not be rebranded under the LIGOS™ name at this time. When new or enhanced product grades are developed, they will be commercialized with the LIGOS™ Binders nomenclature. This process enables a smooth transition by allowing customers to continue using existing, proven materials without the immediate need for requalification.

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