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STYRON X-TECH™ Polystyrene Resin

STYRON X-TECH™ Polystyrene Resin platform’s advanced proprietary technology offers a very high melt strength for HIPS and GPPS to produce end applications with improved performance characteristics.

Trinseo’s first product with this technology, STYRON X-TECH™ 2175 Polystyrene Resin, addresses the home appliance market’s increasing need for better performing liners. Reducing the liner thickness in freezers and refrigerators is achieved through a combination of high stiffness and very high melt strength. The enhanced thermoformability provides superior performance and processing benefits, including:

  • Improved wall thickness distribution
  • Broader processing windows
  • Faster cycle times
  • Better thermoforming features
  • Improved rigidity and Environmental Stress Cracking Resistance (ESCR)
  • Advanced down-gauging with a cost savings of up to 10%

STYRON X-TECH™ Polystyrene Resin platform is an advanced technology driving innovation for numerous polystyrene applications in the home appliances, packaging, and building and construction markets.

Trinseo offers a complete line of polystyrene materials in Europe and Asia Pacific. Polystyrene resins are available in North America through Americas Styrenics, a joint venture equally owned by Trinseo and Chevron Phillips Chemical Company LP.

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