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Employee Spotlights

At Trinseo, we take social responsibility seriously. We are leaders in our communities, and we are inspiring the next generation.

Day of Chemistry Award Winner

It’s not every day that you receive an award from the mayor, but in March 2016, Hyo-Ken “H.K.” Shin, EH&S delivery/quality coordinator at Trinseo’s Ulsan, South Korea site, added this recognition to a long list of achievements. Shin was formally recognized for his contributions to the chemical industry with the Award of the Mayor of Ulsan Metropolitan City during the Day of Chemistry 2016. This special event is organized by the city of Ulsan and Ulsan Techno Park, and focuses on the future of chemistry and the IT industry.

Each year, the Chemistry Day Award is presented to an individual who has contributed significantly to the development of the chemical industry in Korea. Shin has been with Trinseo since its founding in 2010 and has worked in the chemical industry for more than 30 years, leading project teams to achieve ISO 9002 certification as well as several environmental performance goals. He has personally delivered more than 500 environmental, health, and safety-related trainings, helping to contribute to the Ulsan plant’s remarkable accident-free record.

Red Cross Blood Donation Team Leader

When he’s not the logistics operator at Trinseo’s Zhangjiagang, China site, you can find Wu Zhenhu inspiring his colleagues and the community to donate blood. Zhenu has volunteered more than 1,300 hours over the past 10 years, serving as the team leader of blood donation for the Red Cross Society of China. He has personally donated more than 60,000 cc of blood.

“I served in the Army from 1985 to 1990, and my best friend got leukemia,” said Zhenhu, explaining why blood donation is a cause near and dear to him. “Back then, blood donation was not common. My good friend passed away, and this triggered me to do something about it.”

Zhenhu has received several awards and recognition from the government, and has recently expanded his volunteer efforts to include services for older adults, organ donation, and environmental protection.

Future Day

Switzerland’s “Zukunftstag” (Future Day) is a beloved national tradition in which children visit their parents’ workplaces and learn about careers. Our Horgen, Switzerland site was proud to participate in this program in 2016, which Marilena Patrone, administrative assistant, human resources, was instrumental in organizing. 

Patrone led a team that planned a fun and eye-opening day of learning and activities for the children who visited. Representatives from human resources, research and development, and several other functions offered students an introductory session and a behind-the-scenes tour of the Pilot Coater in Samstagern. With the help of experienced lab technicians, children saw innovation in action with lab testing demonstrations. Through interactive games, employees from automotive and consumer essential markets showed children where Trinseo products can be found, from car parts to electronics and home furnishings.

A trip to the IT systems server room and a presentation about how ergonomics and safety play a role in employees’ well-being wrapped up the memorable day.