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Plastic Resins for LED Lighting

LED lighting is revolutionizing the future of farming by enabling sustainable, year-round production of fruits, vegetables, and flowers. The high-intensity, targeted light sources stimulate plant growth, especially in communities worldwide with less-than-ideal conditions that prevent predictable and regular crop germination and growth.

Trinseo supports the trend in LED horticulture lighting by providing plastic resins for the tube lighting and other components of the growing units. Our EMERGE™ PC 8830-5LT Advanced Resin supports all the advantages of LED technology — low power consumption, reliability, and longevity — providing the right balance between light diffusion and transmission to ensure the proper amount of light is emitted. It also meets flammability standards for safe use in confined buildings, such as horticultural greenhouses. Through Trinseo’s involvement with some of the world’s leading original equipment manufacturers for lighting, our technology supports the global trend to expand and extend the food supply into communities where it is needed the most.