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Green Tire Technology

Tires account for approximately 20 to 30 percent of a vehicle’s total fuel consumption and a quarter of a vehicle’s total CO2 emissions. Alongside lightweighting, improvements in tire technology — specifically, high-performance or “green” tires — have helped automakers make significant strides in developing fuel-efficient vehicles, and the demand for green tires continues within the industry.

Green tires contain the optimal blend of synthetic rubber that allows the tires to roll across the pavement with less energy loss. Specifically, lower rolling resistance in tires means drivers use less energy to travel the same distance. Trinseo’s SPRINTAN™ Solution-Styrene Butadiene Rubber (S-SBR) technology allows for the ideal balance of low rolling resistance and high abrasion resistance, along with superior safety, durability, and performance in all-weather conditions.

By using low rolling resistance tires produced with S-SBR from Trinseo, a driver can reduce fuel consumption by up to three percent. Over a typical life span of a set of tires — about 45,000 kilometers — that could mean saving up to 80 liters of fuel compared to standard tires.