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Long Glass Fiber Compounds

Vehicle manufacturers are increasingly focused on vehicle weight reduction (lightweighting) as a key method to improve fuel efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions. Trinseo’s lightweighting solutions for semi-structural automotive applications are helping manufacturers successfully achieve this objective.

In 2016, Trinseo debuted its highly concentrated polypropylene long glass fiber (PP-LGF) product family, including the ENLITE™ PP 1851, which is believed to be the highest glass fiber concentration (85 percent) of any long glass fiber concentrate available within the automotive industry. These materials enable an innovative and sustainable lightweighting solution. For example, until recently, a liftgate (the rear panel of a vehicle that opens upward) was traditionally fabricated using a combination of metal and plastic. Now, liftgates are increasingly being converted to polypropylene long glass fiber technologies to reduce their weight. One of our partners, Renault, recently implemented a long glass fiber liftgate on all their recently launched models