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Polycarbonate is a proven plastic resin that has been used successfully for many years in medical applications. Trinseo offers biocompatible glass-filled polycarbonate for medical applications that enables lightweighting, design flexibility, and the potential to reduce costs by consolidating parts.

All these factors make glass-filled polycarbonate a more effective solution, and it is now considered a top choice for applications ranging from handheld surgical instruments and equipment housings to diabetic monitors and insulin pens.

Beyond the benefits of rigidity and toughness, glass-filled resins provide design flexibility enabling a more contemporary aesthetic appearance, while offering significant cost-saving potential for medical device manufacturers. Specific advantages of glass-filled polycarbonate include:

  • Diverse applications. Because the material is available with varying amounts of glass filler, it can be used for several different applications, depending on the product objectives, the intended function, and the pressure or force that needs to be exerted during a medical procedure.
  • Smaller, thinner parts. Glass-filled polycarbonate allows for smaller and thinner parts, resulting in an overall reduction in weight, which can improve the ease of use and ergonomics of handheld devices and portable equipment.
  • Simplified and more efficient assembly. Rather than needing to assemble several pieces, medical device manufacturers can create a mold that consolidates individual parts into one piece, saving time and money.