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Responsible Care®

Since 2010, Trinseo has been a proud member of the American Chemistry Council’s Responsible Care® program, a voluntary initiative of the global chemical industry designed to improve environmental, health, and safety (EH&S) and security performance for facilities, processes, and products.

Responsible Care® members must adhere to stricter requirements than what may be legally required in most countries. Participation strengthens and validates our commitment to operate ethically, continually strive to protect human health and the environment, and safely manage our products at every stage of their life cycles — from inception in research laboratories, through manufacturing and distribution, to reuse, recycle, and disposal.

Read more about Responsible Care® and the Responsible Care® principles and practices Trinseo has implemented here.

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Recertified for Responsible Care®

In September 2016, Trinseo successfully completed the recertification audit of its Responsible Care® management system, which means Trinseo meets the requirements set by the program and will continue to be recognized as a Responsible Care® company on a global basis. The American Chemistry Council requires members to complete the recertification process every three years.

The Responsible Care® audit focuses on management systems, policies, and chain of authority. Trinseo’s weeklong audit, conducted by an independent accredited auditor with 30 years of chemical industry experience, included a site visit to our Dalton, Georgia manufacturing site; a review of the company’s corporate EH&S practices, including the implementation of the product safety code, process safety code, and security code; and the implementation of the Responsible Care® management system.

Responsible Care® is a registered service mark of the American Chemistry Council in the United States.