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Oceans and Seas Protection

As a global company, Trinseo is committed to environmental protection on land and in our air and water. 

Trinseo is a proud supporter of the Marine Litter Solutions Coalition, the plastic industry’s initiative for the protection of seas and oceans, as well as Operation Clean Sweep, a plastic resin industry pledge that strives for zero pellet, flake, and powder loss with the objective of keeping plastics granules out of the marine environment, including the world’s oceans, seas, and rivers.

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Operation Clean Sweep provides members with the tools to ensure that, as resins producers, they are following good housekeeping and pellet containment best practices. The program also seeks to ensure that there is no plastic pellet loss during production operation and transportation.

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As a plastics producer, Trinseo is engaged via our partners Plastics Europe and American Chemistry Council. Furthermore, in 2013, Trinseo joined the World Plastics Council (WPC), a coalition of leading plastics producers, committed to accelerating cooperation and alignment at an international level to deliver improved outcomes for the common benefit of society, consumers and the plastics industry.