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Workplace Safety
Trinseo prides itself on embracing a culture of safety. The well-being of every employee and the community is our top priority, and we strive to meet or exceed legal requirements. 

Triple Zero 
Trinseo believes in the “vision of zero” with the ultimate goal of zero on-the-job injuries or safety incidents. With safety a top priority, Trinseo created the Triple Zero Award (000) program to recognize and reward operational teams and global research and development groups that operate according to environmental, health, and safety (EH&S) best practices and have been incident-free. 

In 2017, 18 Trinseo manufacturing plants and three global research and development (R&D) groups — 1,386 total employees — earned the Triple Zero Award, making 2017 another remarkable year for Trinseo in EH&S performance. 

Safety on Purpose 
Ongoing training, education, and resources are made available to our employees to ensure safety values and principles are upheld. We seek to empower every employee to be engaged in safe practices on the job. In May 2017, Trinseo introduced Safety on Purpose, a behavior-based safety program at all of our manufacturing sites around the world. 

As a departure from the observation-based safety method, Safety on Purpose focuses on one-on-one conversations. The purpose of these conversations is not to judge behavior, or provide an engineered solution to an identified risk. Instead, these honest, two-way interactions are meant to provide insight into why people act as they do, how they assess and process risk, and ways to mitigate those risks. 

Safety Training 
Throughout the year, Trinseo sites hold Safety Days, Safety Training Weeks, and other safety education programs. Through discussions and sharing, informative presentations, and small-group interaction, Trinseo employees discover ways to embrace safety in their work and how to encourage safe behaviors from others. 

Community Involvement
Trinseo is engaged in local communities around the world, and we encourage all employees to help make their communities a better place to live and work. 

Trinseo Volunteer Days 
Volunteer Days, our annual, month- long community service initiative, unites hundreds of Trinseo employees around the world to help those in need. Our employees organize local volunteer events in their communities and donate their time to bene t non- pro t organizations of their choosing. 

In June 2017, hundreds of Trinseo employees organized and participated in local volunteer events with family and friends during the fourth annual Volunteer Days. Many Trinseo sites also continued volunteer efforts through the rest of the year. 

Charitable Contributions 
Trinseo pursues philanthropic efforts and makes charitable contributions to help strengthen relationships with stakeholders where we live and work, maintain good neighbor relations, and increase employee engagement. Further, these contributions support Trinseo’s commitment to be an environmentally and socially responsible company.

Mentoring and Education 
Trinseo is committed to building positive relationships with local colleges and universities in the areas in which we operate, in order to help foster educational and career opportunities for students. 
2018 Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility Report

2018 Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility Report

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2018 Executive Summary Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility Report

2018 Executive Summary Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility Report

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