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Water and Waste

A snapshot of Trinseo’s water consumption and waste reduction, and our Hsinchu site’s recycling program. 

Water Consumption

Trinseo has reduced its water consumption by more than one-third since 2011.

Trinseo Water Consumption 2016 Chart

Waste Reduction

Since 2011, Trinseo has reduced its total waste by 59 percent, with a 17 percent reduction in wastewater and a 19 percent reduction in landfill waste from 2015 to 2016.

Trinseo Waste 2016 Chart

Recycling Raw Material Packaging in Hsinchu 

In Hsinchu, Taiwan, most of the waste generated during the production process comes from the packaging for raw materials, including bags, wrapping, pallets, and metal drums. As such, the site implemented a process for collecting, sorting, and recycling these materials, and now requires raw material suppliers to use recycled materials in their packaging wherever possible. As a result, in 2016, the plant reduced solid landfill waste by 38.7 percent.