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Safety Trainings and Drills

At Trinseo, we believe every employee is integral in promoting a culture of safety and achieving our “vision of zero.” Throughout the year, Trinseo sites hold Safety Days and Safety Training Weeks dedicated to hands-on safety education.

Through lively discussion, informative presentations, and small-group interaction, Trinseo employees discover ways to embrace safety in their everyday work and how to encourage safe behaviors from others. Since 2011, Trinseo has also conducted global virtual crisis simulation drills with executive management, key functional leaders, and plant operations and environmental, health, and safety (EH&S) leaders. The goal is to practice resolving an immediate situation, returning the company to productivity, and evaluating and improving our crisis response processes, all while safeguarding every employee, the community, and the environment.

  • Employees are also encouraged to contribute ideas to create a safer workforce. The programs often include:
  • Reviews of the site’s EH&S performance
  • Identification of the top potential injuries and incidents at the site
  • Presentations from subject matter experts
  • Breakout sessions with team-building exercises
  • Workshops focused on Loss and Prevention Principles and Layer of Protection Analysis
  • Group brainstorms to improve safety at work
  • Employee presentations with ideas on how to achieve Triple Zero performance
  • Development of crisis checklists for functional departments

The attendees all showed great enthusiasm for the important basics of process safety technology, which made the workshops a success,” said Jeroen de Maat, reflecting on the Zhangjiagang, China Safety Training Week he led with fellow process safety technology leader Harry White in September 2016. “Paired with this enthusiasm, the attendees’ knowledge about process safety and acting in line with the rules are needed to keep our company’s process safety incidents at zero.”

As part of our comprehensive and ongoing safety training efforts, Trinseo manufacturing employees logged a total of 60,440 training hours in 2016, an average of 39 hours per employee.