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Sustainable Operations

Trinseo continually develops new ways to improve our operations, products, and sustainability by analyzing and enhancing our quality processes. We also have rigorous product safety programs, supporting regulatory compliance measures and leading the way in product stewardship with our customers.

Quality Quality performance is a commitment to excellence by each Trinseo employee.
Suppliers As a Responsible Care® company, Trinseo recognizes the importance of selecting suppliers based upon their commitment to sustainability, Quality, Responsible Care, codes of conduct and regulatory compliance.
Product Safety Trinseo is committed to understanding the impact of our products throughout their life cycles and providing straightforward communication about our products and their safe use.
Regulatory Compliance Consistent with the Trinseo EH&S Policy, Trinseo supports the development of laws, regulations, procedures, and operating practices that are science-based and safeguard workers, plant communities, customers, and the environment.
Greening the Value Chain Since our formation in 2010, we constantly look at ways to green the value chain by advancing energy efficiency, conserving natural resources, reusing material rather than sending it to landfills, and reducing waste and emissions.
Operational Efficiencies Hong Kong Plant Switches to Electric Vehicles