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Greening the Value Chain

Since our formation in 2010, we constantly look at ways to green the value chain by advancing energy efficiency, conserving natural resources, reusing material rather than sending it to landfills, and reducing waste and emissions. We also require our suppliers to act similarly on health, environment, safety, resource consumption, and social factors.

Silver Linings

Greening The Value Chain

Corporate Social Responsibility Achievement Earns Trinseo Silver Award 

Trinseo received a Silver Medal for its Corporate Social Responsibility disclosures from EcoVadis. A leading sustainability assessor, EcoVadis evaluates 6,000 companies globally each year, assessing performance in four categories: environment, labor practices, fair business practices and sustainable procurement. 

Trinseo’s score of 54 places it in the top 30 percent of the 6,000 companies EcoVadis evaluated in 2015. Trinseo created its Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility program in 2010 when the company was established. The Company has continued to add new elements every year, including a Supplier Code of Conduct in 2015, and reports on its efforts each year in its Sustainability and CSR Report. 

Achievements in sustainability assessments, such as those by EcoVadis, require that companies continuously improve, because the bar is constantly being raised in terms of societal expectations. Look for Trinseo to continue strengthening its sustainability programs in 2016 and beyond. 

Supplier Code of Conduct

“Trinseo’s commitment to global citizenship and sustainability extends through our supply chain, and we expect Trinseo suppliers to conduct their operations in a socially and environmentally responsible manner.” 

—Catherine Maxey, Vice President of Public Affairs, Sustainability and EH&S 

In 2015, Trinseo introduced a Supplier Code of Conduct, which outlines the minimum standards that Trinseo expects all its suppliers to comply with when doing business with the company.  Trinseo introduced the code in response to industry trends and customers who increasingly hold companies publicly accountable for not only their own actions, but also those of their supply chains. 

The Trinseo Supplier Code of Conduct is founded on three basic principles: 
The company expects its suppliers to comply with all applicable laws and regulations. 
Trinseo encourages its suppliers to adhere to the highest principles of environmental responsibility, sustainability, ethical behavior, corporate social responsibility (CSR), fair labor practice and a safe healthy workplace. 
The company expects all its suppliers to operate responsibly and in a manner that is consistent with Trinseo’s Code of Conduct and related Ethics and Compliance Policies. 

The code, which is available in multiple languages, includes sections on: management systems, human and worker rights, environment, health and safety, business ethics, material sourcing, and compliance and reporting. 

The specific expectations outlined for suppliers in the code are consistent with Trinseo’s own practices and policies. 

Trinseo Netherlands Receives Responsible Care Award

Plant Captures Steam to Increase Energy Efficiency

Trinseo Netherlands won the 2015 Responsible Care Award from the Dutch Chemical Industry Association, VNCI, for the site’s energy improvement project. 

Creative process and production engineers at the Trinseo styrene monomer plant in Terneuzen developed and implemented an innovative technology to upgrade excess low pressure / low value steam. Steam that was previously blown off in the atmosphere is now used to make higher pressure steam, which can be used to drive process equipment, such as distillation columns, and process heaters. This project significantly increased the energy efficiency of the integrated Terneuzen site, reducing both energy costs and CO2 emissions. 

In addition, the technology can be leveraged and used at other plants to recover waste heat economically and efficiently.