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Product Safety

Trinseo is committed to understanding the impact of our products throughout their life cycles and providing straightforward communication about our products and their safe use. We work closely with industry trade associations to ensure that our products and their raw materials are appropriately classified for their hazards. Trinseo also supports ongoing toxicological testing to expand our understanding of chemical hazards.

To further enhance understanding of the impact of our products throughout their life cycles, Trinseo contributes to developing eco-profiles, also known as Life Cycle Analyses (LCAs). 

Eco-profiles and Life Cycle Analyses 

Life Cycle

In order to determine the potential environmental impact associated with various plastics materials, it is important to collect and analyze data from multiple sources so that an accurate eco-profile of each material can be created. Trinseo contributed to the creation of eco-profiles for plastic products in both Europe and North America to help the downstream industries make well-informed product decisions. 

Beginning in 1990, the Association of Plastics Manufacturers in Europe (now PlasticsEurope) pioneered the first eco-profiles for virtually all types of plastics materials. The Trinseo businesses played a key role in collecting and contributing cradle-to-gate data for its polystyrene and polycarbonate resins. Energy and raw materials used, water consumption, emissions, and waste are just some of the variables analyzed to create each eco-profile. 

In 1999, Trinseo’s Latex business supported the creation of eco-profiles in the production of latex polymer dispersions in association with the European Polymer Dispersion and Latex Association (a sector group of the European Chemical Industry Council, or Cefic). An updated eco-profile was released in 2012. 

More recently, Trinseo was instrumental in the establishment of cradle.to-gate life cycle inventories for The Plastics Division of the American Chemistry Council.

Product Organization Year
Polycarbonate PlasticsEurope 2010
Bisphenol A PlasticsEurope 2010
ABS PlasticsEurope 2005
SAN PlasticsEurope 2005
Polystyrene (GPPS)  PlasticsEurope 2012
Polystyrene (HIPS) PlasticsEurope 2012
SB Latex EPDLA 2012
SA Latex EPDLA 2012
Styrene  PlasticsEurope 2012
Polybutadiene PlasticsEurope 2005
Product Safety Process and Program

Safety Data Sheets can be found on the Trinseo website, or by calling the Trinseo Customer Information Group at +1-855-TRINSEO. Additional global phone numbers are available online. 

Through its comprehensive approach, Trinseo evaluates the safety of its products and strives to manage them in a safe and sustainable manner so that any potential adverse impacts on society or our environment are minimized. 

The foundation of our product safety activities is identifying and understanding the potential hazards, exposures, and risks that may be associated with the products Trinseo purchases, manufactures, and brings to market. 

This understanding is based on the following process steps:

Weighing In Infographic Small

Once this foundation is established, Trinseo integrates the information and product safety practices into a wide range of activities as elements of Trinseo’s product safety program. 
The elements of the Trinseo product safety program include:

  • Community outreach and awareness
  • Distribution and logistics
  • EH&S training
  • Emergency preparedness and response
  • Employee health and safety
  • Engineering and design for environment, health, and safety
  • Industrial hygiene
  • Occupational safety
  • Operating design and management
  • Product stewardship
  • Security
  • Third-party services
The Trinseo product safety program is designed to make sure that its products are made, stored, transported, used, disposed of, and recycled sustainably and in a way that demonstrates world-class practices of safety, environmental stewardship, and regard for people. This commitment is embodied in the Trinseo EH&S Policy. 

Trinseo encourages its suppliers and customers to join its efforts to collaborate, innovate, and elevate industrial practices and expectations so that chemical products are managed safely throughout their life cycles.