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Sustainable Performance

Since Trinseo’s formation in 2010, the company has made great strides in each of the key areas of sustainability: economic, environmental, and social performance. This is our sixth sustainability and corporate responsibility report, and the fourth year Trinseo is publicly reporting its environmental performance and emissions data.

Financial Performance Trinseo’s strong performance in our first full year as a publicly traded company demonstrated our employees’ dedication to deliver business results while managing costs, and more.
Economic Performance Trinseo’s first full year results, after its 2014 initial public offering, represented a step change in profitability for the company delivering value to its shareholders.
Human Resources Performance In the past six years, we have made great progress towards our vision of being a remarkable company to work for.
Environmental Performance Trinseo takes environmental, health, and safety (EH&S) performance very seriously.
Key Environmental Performance Indicators Learn about Trinseo’s 2015 Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Megawatt Hours Electricity, and more.
Zeroing in on EH & S Trinseo leadership believes in the “vision of zero” with the ultimate goal of zero on-the-job injuries in each of our facilities.
Sustaining 000 Four Trinseo plants won the Trinseo President’s Award for EH&S Excellence, in recognition of their sustained EH&S performance.
Trinseo Manufacturing Sites Receive Safety Award Three manufacturing sites meet ACC top-tier safety performance requirements.
Social Performance As a preferred partner for sustainable solutions, Trinseo is contributing to the well-being and quality of life of its employees, and to improvement of the communities where it operates.