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Social Performance

As a preferred partner for sustainable solutions, Trinseo is contributing to the well-being and quality of life of its employees, and to improvement of the communities where it operates.

As a part of this focus, Trinseo encourages its employees to make meaningful differences through volunteering and being active in their local communities. Whether they are assisting the elderly, cleaning up local parks and beaches, or collecting, and donating food, Trinseo and its employees are making a positive difference.

Lending a Hand

Trinseo Volunteer Days

Trinseo’s Volunteer Days initiative, launched in 2014, is a community outreach program that encourages employees, and their families, to volunteer in support of the local communities in which they live and work. This global, company-wide initiative was a natural outgrowth of Trinseo’s belief in supporting and giving back to the local communities in which it operates. 

The 2015 Volunteer Days event spanned the month leading up to Trinseo’s fifth anniversary. During that time period, 781 employees, family members, and friends at 23 locations in 11 countries volunteered a total of 3,444 hours—equal to 431 working days. This surpassed all expectations and exceeded 2014’s results by 72 percent. 

Trinseo’s employees used the opportunity to donate their time, and in many cases money, where they were most needed.  Locally formed volunteer committees used their creativity to come up with activities that were beneficial and fun, and often challenging. Activities covered a broad spectrum from donating blood, to cleaning up a local park. Other groups assisted the elderly in need, and taught lessons, cleaned, made repairs, and painted at local schools. 

Again in 2015, the largest event was held in Schwalbach, Germany where Trinseo volunteers, including two hairdressers, hosted an event for 250 homeless people. The free event included haircuts, a luncheon with food provided by a local supermarket, and a clothing drive. 

Genies Aren't The Only Ones Who Can Grant Wishes

In December 2015, combining holiday spirit with a commitment to helping those in need, employees at Trinseo’s Midland location, participated in the Sharing Tree program. Run by the United Way of Midland County, the Sharing Tree program helps fulfill the holiday wishes of those in need, and also provides for ongoing basic needs. Wishes covered a wide range of desires from toys, video games, and books to practical items such as clothing, outerwear, gas cards, and bus tickets. 

Five trees, with 100 “wishes” hanging from their branches, were set up at Trinseo’s Midland plants and offices. 

Trinseo employees granted 85 wishes. To ensure all 100 wishes were granted, five of Trinseo’s Young Leaders United members went shopping for the remaining Sharing Tree wishes. 
The gifts were turned in to United Way, where a small army of volunteers distributed them to local families in need. 

Living United

Annual Campaign Demonstrates Ongoing Commitment to Giving Back 

Partnering with the United Way for the last six years has allowed Trinseo to demonstrate strong support for the communities where our U.S. operations are located. The United Way Giving Campaign is an annual, company-wide initiative that strengthens communities by assisting those in need, while bringing together our diverse employees around a single goal—being a good neighbor. 

In 2015, our Global Operating Center located in Berwyn, PA, raised more than $54,000, with 78 percent of employees contributing. Together, over the last six years, our U.S. operations sites have raised more than $332,500 with a national participation rate of 50 percent. 

Going the Extra Mile

In November 2015, employees from Trinseo’s Tsing Yi plant in Hong Kong participated in the Oxfam Trailwalker for the second year in a row. The Oxfam Trailwalker is one of the largest fundraising sporting events in Hong Kong. The money raised funds for development projects in Africa and Asia, including Hong Kong and mainland China.

Participants have to walk 100 km in a limited time—typically 48 hours—in all weather and across rough terrain. The Trinseo team of four completed the 100km long mountain trail in 34 hours and 32 minutes, beating their previous year’s time of 36 hours.

Family and friends were encouraged to sponsor teams, and Trinseo Hong Kong pledged to match every dollar donation raised by the team, up to HK$15,000 (US $1,900). The team raised a total of US $5,607.

From the Classroom to the Control Room

Trinseo Supports STEM Education with Plant Tour 

More than 30 students from the University of Hong Kong visited Trinseo’s polystyrene plant in Tsing Yi, China, to learn about our manufacturing process.  The group of students, who are from the Department of Chemistry, was made up of both local and overseas exchange students. 

During the visit the students had the opportunity to experience, first hand, the automated production systems and computer-integrated manufacturing of a modern chemical plant. In addition, they were able to observe general housekeeping tasks, such as how equipment and materials are labeled for risk management. They also toured technical areas of the plant, including the quality lab and process control room. 

Taking students outside of the classroom allows them to see important safety procedures in practice and also to witness how the Company supports Responsible Care© best practices. 
Following the success of the plant visit, the university has already arranged for a tour for new students in 2016. 

Sustainability Spreads its Wings

SustainabilityWith their no-nonsense industrial architecture, chemical plants are easily recognizable anywhere in the world. Set on more than 400 acres of property dedicated to wildlife conservation and research, Trinseo’s site in Dalton, GA challenges that expectation. 

Since 1991, the Dalton site has been certified as a Wildlife Habitat by the Wildlife Habitat Council. It was recertified in 2014.  Over the last 18 years, nearly 30 percent of Dalton’s employees have participated in the Wildlife Habitat Enhancement Program executing various projects, the largest of which has been the provision and maintenance of nearly 40 bird boxes and four wood duck boxes, which increase nesting areas for the native birds. 

So it’s not surprising that when they heard that monarch butterfly populations were at an all-time low— decreased by 90 percent over the past two decades1, employees at Dalton launched a pollinator project to aid the survival of the iconic black and orange butterflies, as well as other pollinators including bees and other insects. 

Monarch caterpillars only eat milkweed which provides all the nourishment the monarch needs to transform the caterpillar into the adult butterfly. But these plants are rapidly disappearing, due to the loss of habitat stemming from land development and the widespread spraying of weed killer on the fields where they live.

Understanding the crucial role pollinators play in flowering plant reproduction and the production of most fruits and vegetables, the employees at Dalton, with guidance from a wildlife biologist, built a 1,000 square foot pollinator garden. Half the garden was planted with 200 milkweed plants to provide food and a place for the Monarchs to lay their eggs; the remaining half was planted with a mix of wildflowers to attract bees and other butterflies.

The team’s long-term dedication to assisting local wildlife is an example of how Trinseo employees live and breathe sustainability and remain committed to supporting the local communities where they live and work.