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Sustainable Products

As a preferred partner for sustainable solutions in plastics, latex binders, and synthetic rubber products, Trinseo listens to its customers’ sustainability needs and strives to deliver innovative products and technologies that help Trinseo and its customers improve their economic, environmental, and social performance.

Weighing In: The Auto Industry Continues to Diet The automotive market continues to demand lightweight solutions, driven in a large part by legislation which aim to reduce CO2 emissions.
Charging Into the Future Government regulations and consumer demand, driven by a desire to reduce carbon emissions, have pushed automakers to develop plug-in hybrid, and electric vehicles.
Demand for Green Tires Drives Innovations in Rubber Consumers worldwide are shifting toward “green tires” with lower rolling resistance, which results in increased energy efficiency and decreased fuel costs and carbon emissions.
Big Ideas Get Small A growing trend in many industries such as consumer electronics is miniaturization.
Lighting the Way to a Brighter Future LED lighting which offers long life, lower power consumption, and produces no mercury waste has revolutionized the lighting industry.
Polystyrene Packaging Reduces Food Waste About one-third of all food produced worldwide, worth around US$1 trillion, is wasted in the food chain.
Latex Coating Enhances Environmentally Friendly Carpet Trinseo’s Starch Containing Emulsion (SCE) is a bio-containing binder used in paper coating and textile applications such as woven carpet.