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Big Ideas Get Small

A growing trend in many industries such as consumer electronics is miniaturization. This is also true in the medical industry, where there continues to be an emphasis on less invasive procedures that enable shorter recovery times and improved patient outcomes. 

Trinseo’s advanced plastic resins for medical devices are enabling the trend toward minimally invasive surgeries with smaller devices. 

From a materials perspective, miniaturization is challenging because it requires the ability to produce lighter, smaller devices with the same properties—for example, flexural strength and stiffness, dimensional stability, and toughness—as traditional materials, such as metal. 

Trinseo’s glass filled CALIBRE™ Polycarbonate Resins are playing a key role in this area. With the ability to custom formulate our materials with varying amounts of glass content, we are able to help customers achieve the desired balance of strength and stiffness to replace metal parts in handheld medical instruments. 

For home healthcare applications where aesthetics—in addition to miniaturization—are a priority, Trinseo’s EMERGE™ PC/ABS Advanced Resins offer strength and durability along with processability for appealing, “non-industrial looking” design.  Similarly, our EMERGE™ PC/PET Advanced Resins were also designed to meet a critical need. The PET component allows for chemical resistance—withstanding 24 cleansers and disinfectants used in the medical industry today. 

Whether at home, in a doctor’s office, or hospital setting, Trinseo’s portfolio of medical grade resins can help both the healthcare provider and the patient achieve better outcomes.