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Trinseo’s synthetic rubber business began in Schkopau, Germany, with the first large-scale production of synthetic rubber in 1937.

In 2000, our state-of-the-art production plant in Schkopau completed Trinseo’s product range in SSBR, low-cis BR and block copolymers.

In 2012, Trinseo started up a new SSBR manufacturing facility in Schkopau, Germany to meet growing demand, providing an additional capacity of 50,000 ton per year. Schkopau is home to four worldscale rubber trains that supply Trinseo’s tire customers around the world. It is the cradle for rubber where Trinseo’s best-in-class rubber R&D facility is also situated.

Partnering for Performance – Trinseo is dedicated to partnering with its customers to design and develop rubber technology that serves a breadth of synthetic rubber products, including established rubber materials and specialized high-performance elastomers, to a wide array of industries.

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Trinseo Deutschland GmbH presents Synthetic Rubber production at Schkopau facility

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Trinseo Deutschland GmbH präsentiert die Produktion von Synthesekautschuk am Standort Schkopau


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