Evaluation, Certification and Product Classification

Trinseo Product Stewards help customers determine which of our materials are most suitable for their applications considering factors related to the application and to the material itself. 

Materials can be complex. Knowing this, Trinseo Product Stewards help customers evaluate their own application requirements and sort through the details of Trinseo products so they can make the best material choices possible.

For example in the plastics business, we offer three material classifications: Industrial, Food Grade and Medical Grade. Similar classifications are available for our Latex Binders materials. Which is the most appropriate?  Our Product Stewards can help with this question.

Trinseo evaluation and certification criteria has been established according to Trinseo internal, customer, and application interest. Standard practices include raw material and product screening for regional regulatory compliance and potential risk, as well as strict quality management disciplines and industry-relevant notification-of-change policies.

Other factors we consider include:

  • Compositional Understanding of Products and Raw Materials
  • Environmental Assessments
  • Exposure Assessments
  • Food Contact Compliance Testing / Monitoring
  • Management / Notification of Charge
  • Medical Grade / ISO 10993 Biocompatibility Testing
  • Quality ISO Management System
  • Raw Material Supplier Evaluations / Qualifications
  • Sustainable Chemistry Evaluations
  • Toxicological Evaluations

For more information, customers can contact their Trinseo account representative.

11th Annual Sustainability & Corporate Social Responsibility Report

11th Annual Sustainability & Corporate Social Responsibility Report

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