Trinseo adheres to European REACH registration requirements for those materials we manufacture in Europe or import into the region. 

Registration, Evaluation and Authorization of Chemicals (REACH) is the regulatory system for chemicals management in the European Union (EU).  This program requires that European manufacturers and importers of substances to the region disclose specific product-composition information, including risk to humans and the environment.

Trinseo complies with REACH as well as similar regulatory programs in other countries. We address the registration requirements for purchased substances by engaging in direct discussions with SIEFs, consortia, and direct raw material suppliers. We also conduct “downstream use assessments” and ensure our operational activities are REACH compliant by referring to the usage scenarios associated with substance registrations.

REACH is an opportunity for chemical manufacturers, suppliers and customers to work together to protect human health and the environment. As other nations consider similar regulations devoted to chemicals management, Trinseo will support these efforts and implement appropriate compliance solutions.

Trinseo fulfills its obligations resulting from the publication of the ECHA Candidate List for Authorization. Information about Trinseo products containing substances on the Candidate List (SVHCs) above reportable limits can be found in Safety Data Sheets on specific products available through the Trinseo Customer Information Group.

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