Supplier Frequently Asked Questions

Explore answers to some of the most frequently asked Trinseo supplier information questions.

What is the role of Dow in managing Purchasing activities for Trinseo?

Trinseo partners with Dow to provide Sourcing (Purchasing) and Pay Services in all regions globally.

How do I verify the status of a payment?

For questions regarding Purchase Orders, suppliers should use the contact listed on the Purchase Order.

How do I receive a Purchase Order?

Suppliers can receive Purchase Orders from Trinseo or Dow via fax, mail, or EDI (electronic data interchange). In addition, suppliers of non-strategic items such as office supplies or travel services may receive requisitions online via e-Mart. This system allows the purchase of non-strategic goods at a pre-approved price from pre-qualified suppliers.

Who do I call when I have a question?

For commercial questions, suppliers should contact their identified buyer directly. For general questions regarding purchasing policies or for contract implementation issues, suppliers should contact their regional purchasing representative.

For transactional questions, suppliers should contact their service center using the phone number listed on the purchase order.

I am a local supplier. Do I have an opportunity to supply Trinseo?

Yes. Trinseo bases its relationships with suppliers on how well the supplier meets existing needs and how well they can fulfill future strategic needs. Trinseo will conduct business with suppliers who are globally competitive and who will provide the lowest long-term cost of ownership.

Does Trinseo only operate with global suppliers?

No. Trinseo develops purchasing strategies which use suppliers at the global, area, and site levels.

What is Trinseo's expediting process?

Suppliers will only hear from Purchasing regarding an expedited order if it is late. For status checks, suppliers will be contacted directly by the Trinseo requisitioner.

What is the difference between Purchasing Service Center (PSC) versus Site Purchasing?

The PSC is responsible for the transactional aspect of purchasing (key punching, purchase orders, and payment entries, for example). Suppliers will be contacted by the PSC in the event corrections or updates to purchase orders are needed.

Site Purchasing is responsible for contract implementation issues. Examples might include customer/supplier relationships, supplier performance, and damaged goods. Trinseo employees also contact Site Purchasing regarding the possibility of using other suppliers.

What does the supplier need to know about REACH?

REACH, a chemicals management policy, stands for the Registration, Evaluation, and Authorization of Chemicals. We ask suppliers for a commitment to REACH, including whether they intend to pre-register and register, as well as an approximate idea of their registration timeline.  

For additional supplier information, contact Trinseo.

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