The Battery Show Europe 2023

Looking to explore the latest in battery technology for electric vehicles?

Discover how we're leading the way as a material solution provider with the Knowledge in Power. Our Mobility expertise will be on hand to share our knowledge and experience. Learn how Trinseo's expertise in battery materials can help you improve performance and overcome the challenges facing the electric vehicle market.

Material Solution for Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Stations


VOLTABOND™ Binders for Lithium-Ion Battery Applications


Material Solution for Electric Vehicle (EV) Battery Packaging


Trinseo's aqueous-based coating for the anode in EV batteries which can deliver strong lithium-ion connectivity, low-temperature performance, a long lifecycle, and faster charging times. VOLTABOND™ latex binder products control the adhesion, ionic conductivity, water absorption, chemical resistance and recharging characteristics that have a significant impact on a battery’s life cycle. Plus, our advanced plastics for battery enclosures and EV charging stations provide lightweight, sustainable alternatives to traditional materials. Strong, heat- and flame-retardant rigid plastic battery casings help increase battery range to boost mileage. In addition, high impact plastics for EV charging stations and wall boxes for indoor and outdoor use are lightweight, corrosion resistant and come in a choice of transparent or opaque options.

With decades of experience in the automotive industry and a proven track record of collaboration with OEM and Tier partners, Trinseo is the go-to choice for those seeking innovation in battery technology.

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