A New Era in Polystyrene Recycling

Polystyrene plays an important role in the circular economy as a 100% recyclable plastic without downcycling.

Plastic in general and polystyrene in particular has become a staple of modern society – and it is almost impossible to imagine a daily routine without it. It is a versatile material used in numerous applications for almost every industry sector for 80 years.

Sometimes considered single-use the material has great longevity as well in high-end applications and Trinseo is unlocking its potential through game-changing recycling technologies and methods, giving polystyrene infinite recyclability.

Polystyrene circularity

At the forefront of many plastics debates is polystyrene, because it is sometimes considered non-recyclable. In reality, from a chemical composition perspective, polystyrene is one of the most recyclable plastics.

Trinseo is a founding member of industry consortium Styrenics Circular Solutions, and is working with the entire value chain on the challenge of circularity.  This includes converters, recyclers, and brand owners. It also includes trade associations as well as universities, research centers, suppliers, and service providers. Everyone is needed along the value chain to make the goal of circularity come to life. Polystyrene recycled through depolymerization can be used widely in high quality, demanding applications including consumer electronics, packaging, household durables, and even food-contact applications. 

In May 2021, Yoplait announced that yogurt pots containing Trinseo’s recycled PS resins would be sold in France.

Polystyrene Infographic

Trinseo’s role in polystyrene’s circularity

For over 80 years, Trinseo has led the way in the development of polystyrene polymers, maximizing their versatility for a wide range of end markets, and taking the material full circle to optimize its sustainability potential. Learn more about our polystyrene resins on our product page.

You can read more about Trinseo’s advancements in polystyrene at the following links:

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Together we can unlock the true circularity of polystyrene and cement its place in the circular economy as an infinitely recyclable material, suitable for almost every application.

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