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September 23, 2021

Forward Focused Webinar: End-of-life Tires, Closing the Loop - October 14 2021, 9.30am-11am

This is the third in the series of our free, Forward Focused Webinars where we have been exploring some of the current issues that are facing the tire and materials industries. Join us for our next live discussion where we will be taking a forward-focused look into the subject of closing the loop on end-of-life tires (ELTs).

The challenges of closing the loop on ELTs is complex and there are many hurdles to overcome. Progress, however, is being made with an increasing number of tire recycling plants being built and many innovative chemical and mechanical recycling technologies in development. During this webinar we will be exploring several of these circular technology solutions for ELTs that have successfully progressed to beyond the development, testing and pilot stage and whose processes and products are available on the market now.

As well as providing an overview of global trends and regional differences in scrap tire recycling methods and disposal, you will hear from our two invited guests from companies that have developed propriety technologies to recover high performance raw materials from ETLs that can be used in high-value applications.

Our guest speakers are Ad van Oorschot, Sales & R&D Director at Black Bear and Sonia Megert, Chief Operating Officer at Tire Recycling Solutions (TRS) who will be talking about their companies’ goals and challenges they have faced in developing these technologies as well as their approaches for financially viable business models for the future. Joining them will be Sarmenio Saliba, Asset & Product Manager at Trinseo who will be giving his insights and vision on this subject from a raw materials supplier’s perspective.

We are expecting another lively and informative webinar hosted by Trinseo’s Anamaria (Cioanca) Dragan-lesanu, a leading commercial business strategist and sustainability expert who will be probing beneath the surface with some thought-provoking questions for the speakers and as usual, we will welcome any questions from the audience.

This webinar will be a great opportunity for end-users, tire manufacturers, recyclers, researchers, investors and regulators to understand how technological excellence, collaboration, partnerships and long-term agendas are driving the transformation of the tire industry towards a circular future and helping to close the loop on end-of-life tires.

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