PC/ABS Resins for Lightweighting and Improved Appearance for Exterior Grills

Trinseo Automotive’s PC/ABS solutions for painted exterior grills support weight and cost reduction without compromising superior aesthetics or high-end performance.

Our PC/ABS engineering resins or PC/ABS blends from the mineral-filled PULSE™ XT or the PULSE™ GX Engineering Resins series meet the technical and aesthetic requirements for exterior applications like grills, ingots, and air duct fins, including improved paint adhesion after climate aging.

PULSE™ XT and GX Engineering Resins enhance design flexibility and processing with high ductility and easy flow for thinner wall thicknesses. PC/ABS blends stand out with low density, facilitating the production of lighter parts and enabling significant weight reduction advantages.

Learn more about the beneficial properties of our PC/ABS engineering resins and blends for high-level, lightweight, cost-efficient exterior grills. Get in touch with a Trinseo expert today.

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