Glass-Filled Reinforced Thermoplastics for a Lighter Generation of Tailgates

ENLITE™ Polypropylene Long-Glass-Fiber (PP LGF) and ENLITE™ Long-Glass-Fiber (LGF) Alloys from Trinseo Automotive supports one of the core strategies for automobile manufacturers: increase fuel efficiency and thereby reduce CO2 emissions.

A complex vehicle part like a tailgate has to meet high standards of visual appeal, ensure a perfect fit, and invisibly accommodate many hidden elements, such as hinges, lock mechanisms, and electrical wiring. Tailgates also need to remain stable and watertight while being subjected to mechanical and climatic influences that can lead to deformations. As a result, impact resistance, expansion, and durability, particularly related to the tailgate structure, are critical factors in the material selection, design, and production of two- and three-layer tailgates. Trinseo Automotive has successfully supported the development of two thermoplastic tailgates, with three more tailgates to be commercialized in the next two years.

With these factors in mind, and together with the approaching worldwide convergence on CO2 emissions (2020 target: 95g/ccm for new passenger cars), lighter weight tailgates are a necessity. The optimization of part thickness, material density, and surface size plays a major role in achieving weight reduction. To support tailgate developments, Trinseo’s Application Engineering & Design Centre (AEDC) is available to assist with design, structural, and process engineering expertise.

Our PP LGF and GF alloy solutions within the portfolio of ENLITE™ Structural Polymers offer proven advantages for creating a generation of lighter tailgates, without the loss of stiffness or durability. These polymers provide reduced shrinkage of the material compound and enable better control of thermal expansion through long-glass-fiber (LGF) reinforcement. This results in tighter gap control, enhanced fit and finish, and a 15 to 20% potential of weight savings compared to a steel-based solution.

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