Customizable Plastics for Aesthetic, Connected Ceiling Components

Trinseo provides customizable rigid and soft polymer solutions to produce automotive ceiling components with optimized comfort, future-ready connectivity, ambient lighting and aesthetic appearance.

Evolving customer needs and desires increasingly turn automotive interiors into areas of comfort and connectivity. Ceiling components such as overhead consoles or headliners are prime targets for this trend. Overhead consoles were once mere storage spaces and housings (switches, vents, and lights), but today they may also accommodate electronic devices like media players, screens, and speakers.

Materials used for ceiling components must offer medium to high heat resistance, good dimensional stability under low loads, and good vibration damping. Their surface appearance typically requires good injection or extrusion properties, good scratch and mar as well as UV resistance.

Our PULSE™ Engineering Resins and Trinseo TPE Solutions meet these and other requirements. Get in touch with our experts to learn more about Trinseo's tailor-made PC/ABS and TPE materials supporting the technical and aesthetic performance of your ceiling applications.

Ideal for automotive interior lighting applications, ALTUGLAS™ (EMEA and APAC) and PLEXIGLAS® (Americas) PMMA resins provide outstanding results in optical applications as they offer better clarity and quality of light transmission than glass.

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