High-quality Door Panels and Trim

Trinseo’s advanced ABS, PC/ABS, PP compounds and TPE Solutions meet the demand for outstanding interior door components. Our high-performance products satisfy consumers' increasing expectations for storage, comfort, and outstanding haptics.

You can benefit in many ways from our cost-efficient ABS Resins, Polypropylene Compounds, VELVEX™ Reinforced Elastomers, and TPE Solutions that meet the specific properties and core requirements for interior door components:

  • Very good processability results in design flexibility and enables thin walling for weight reduction and/or shorter cycle times
  • High durability through dimensional stability, aging and heat resistance (ranging from -40°C to 125°C)
  • Low VOC and odor for enhanced air quality
  • High scratch resistance of PP and elastomer-based products
  • Optimized appearance and haptics (colorability, uniform low/high gloss properties, graining)

Get in touch with us to learn about our range of products and our technical service for the development and manufacturing of door components with excellent performance and high-quality appeal.

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