Aesthetics and Long-Term Durability in Plastics for Glove Boxes

Trinseo Automotive offers innovative PC/ABS, talc-filled PP, and Reinforced Elastomers for glove box applications with high aesthetic and functional requirements.

Glove box compartments are important for the vehicle interior’s visual and haptic ambience, passenger comfort, and safety, as well as serving as the catch-all storage space for a variety of items. Glove boxes also require impact protection support and airbag space for passenger safety. In addition, the material properties of the final part need to support effective and efficient flocking, foaming, and welding post operations.

Trinseo Automotive offers the plastics that provide strong, dependable properties in both unpainted and painted options:

  • MAGNUM™ ABS Resins providing low VOC and low odor in combination with good heat resistance
  • PULSE™ PC/ABS Engineering Resins offering low gloss and impact resistance at low temperatures
  • INSPIRE™ talc-filled Polypropylene Resins for highly demanding aesthetic applications with good scratch resistance, good UV light stabilization, and low density
  • VELVEX™ Reinforced Elastomers delivering superior scratch and mar resistance, low gloss, good texture reproduction across the part surface, and a soft haptic sensation

All of these materials solutions enable you to meet critical requirements, such as high impact at low temperature and low ductility. They provide the needed dimensional stability for tight tolerance assembly, resulting in minimal gaps between parts. Facing thermal and hydrolytic aging, our innovative plastics provide leading properties for long-term durability and appealing haptics.

Explore the multiple material possibilities for glove box applications with your Trinseo Automotive sales partner or get in touch.

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