Innovative Plastics for Pillars

Trinseo Automotive has developed a broad range of ABS, PC/ABS, PP compounds, and Reinforced Elastomers to enhance safety, performance, and the appearance of vehicle interior pillars.

Interior pillars must provide multiple properties that support a high-quality aesthetic appearance, high impact protection, safety functionalities, and medium to high heat resistance. When airbag deployment functionalities are required, interior pillars also need materials with low-temperature impact resistance. For unpainted pillar applications, low-gloss aesthetics and easy flow are required.

The family of PULSE™ GX Engineering Resins offers appropriate features and supports requirements such as low gloss, low-temperature impact resistance in combination with low density and an easy flow that enable weight and cost reduction. PULSE™ 2000EZ Engineering Resin is a favorable material of choice in the North American market; it provides an outstanding combination of good, low temperature ductility with very high heat resistance and easy flow, enabling thin-wall part designs.

As an alternative, cost-effective materials solution for pillars without airbag deployment, Trinseo Automotive offers customized MAGNUM™ ABS Resins with either lower or sufficient heat resistance.

All our MAGNUM™ ABS and PULSE™ PC/ABS resins benefit from a unique mass production process enhancing low-emission VOCs and odor to fulfill interior requirements compared to most standard emulsion resins.

Besides these ABS and PC/ABS solutions, INSPIRE™ Performance Polymers (low emission, low gloss, and good scratch resistance) and VELVEX™ Reinforced Elastomers (very low gloss, very good scratch and mar resistance) meet the needs of cost-efficient interior pillars.

Explore the multiple benefits that Trinseo Automotive plastics solutions can add to your pillar applications. Get in touch with a Trinseo expert to learn more.

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