Durable and Environmentally Compliant Latex Binders for Coatings Applications

Trinseo latex binders for coatings deliver consistency and high-performance solutions to support customer applications.

With long-standing industry expertise, a global manufacturing grid, state-of-the-art automated plants, sophisticated quality control, and a responsive, knowledgeable team, Trinseo delivers superior quality latex binders with best-in-class lead time.

Trinseo’s portfolio for coating applications, including architectural interiors, direct-to-metal, primers, and roof coatings, offer flexibility/crack resistance, sustainable and formaldehyde-free formulations, durability, UV stability, high-quality color value, low dirt pick-up resistance, and excellent adhesion to many substrates. With vinyl acrylic (VA) and styrene acrylic (SA) latex binder formulations that deliver greater adhesion, mechanical strength, and scrub and wear resistance, customers can meet market demand for top-performing products that allow color and finish to last longer.

Trinseo latex binders are clean and green containing less VOCs, impurities, and odor. Available in formaldehyde-free, and low biocide versions that are compliant with the latest environmental, health, and safety regulations, Trinseo solutions enable customers to deliver a great performance product that also meets sustainability goals while maintaining compliance with current and future material regulations.

Trinseo’s expert technical teams work in close partnership with customers to develop innovative solutions that address the most challenging problems, empowering them to be at the leading edge of the world’s coatings solutions.

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Architectural Interior Maximum Performance and Peace of Mind Alkylphenol ethoxylate (APEO) free vinyl acrylic (VA) latex from Trinseo allows the development of low- to-zero volatile organic compound (VOC) interior paints and primers with high scrub resistance, excellent touch-up/hiding performance, and broad formulation capabilities, offering contractors and homeowners peace of mind and the ability to help the environment without settling for inferior quality.
Masonry Coatings Superior Efflorescence Resistance Alkali-resistant latex binders from Trinseo enable the development of high-quality exterior/interior primers and paints – helping guard against water intrusion and efflorescence on virtually any type of masonry, including green concrete, helping to prevent structural damage, mold, compromised air quality, and other health-related concerns.
Primers Improved Adhesion and Resistance Trinseo primer polymers – for mineral and porous surfaces and anti-corrosion metal – improve the adhesion, penetration rate, chemical resistance, and efflorescence of topcoat solutions and control water vapor absorption and transmission rates.
Roof Coatings Waterproofing and Resistance Where it Matters Trinseo’s elastomeric latex binders for flat and low-slope, cool roof coatings offer a strong balance of performance properties such as weatherability, elongation, water ponding resistance, asphalt bleed-through and dirt pickup resistance, and adhesion to various substrates preventing unnecessary and costly replacements.

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