Solutions for Batteries, Oil & Gas, and Tire Cord Applications

A diverse portfolio of high-performance latex binders solutions for applications with unique requirements.

Latex binder solutions from Trinseo for highly specialized applications such as lithium-ion batteries, tire cord, or oil and gas well cementing allow for optimum performance and meet critical requirements of bonding, adhesion, ionic conductivity, water absorption, chemical resistance, gas migration, rheology control, and durability under extreme conditions.

Trinseo’s low-to-zero VOC products offer added sustainability benefits, helping customers lower environmental impact and comply with ever-increasing environmental regulations.

As a global leader in latex binders solutions, we deliver proven, high-performance technology, along with strong local manufacturing and technical support, to our customers. 

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Batteries High-Efficiency Performance VOLTABOND™ Latex Binders from Trinseo, used in the anode coating formulations critical to the production of high-efficiency lithium-ion batteries, control adhesion, ionic conductivity, water absorption, chemical resistance, and recharging characteristics that affect the product’s life cycle.
Oil & Gas Highly Specialized and Versatile Trinseo latex binders perform under the temperature ranges and American Petroleum Institute testing specifications defined for well cementing. Our latex binders control fluid loss without adversely affecting the slurry's rheology or stability and does so at a wide range of temperatures, densities, and cement systems. Trinseo also offers a range of carboxylated and non-carboxylated styrene butadiene (SB) copolymers.
Tire Cord Enabling Strong Bonds for Increased Safety PYRATEX™ vinyl pyridine latex (VPL) and LIGOS™ styrene butadiene (SB) latex binders impart critical adhesion promotion in both resorcinol/formaldehyde resin/latex (RFL) and non-RFL dip systems. They can be used for adhesion promotion, dimensional stability, and flexibility, in any number of nylon, polyester, aramid dip coating applications.

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