High-quality, safe, and functional plastics for personal care

Trinseo produces a wide range of thermoplastic materials for personal care applications meeting the rigorous requirements and standards of this market.

Applications for personal and baby care require the highest quality in thermoplastic elastomer solutions for safety, functionality, and appeal.

Trinseo materials for this sector are designed with indispensable properties such as haptics, grip, and outstanding color stability. Based on our experience with medical grade compounds for the medical devices sector, we also offer materials that are skin and food contact approved, in addition to medical grades.

Particularly for baby care applications, Trinseo offers a wide range of styrene-free compounds under the brand name NEOGOL™ (OBC-based compounds) for customers demanding a high-quality alternative material. NEOGOL™ offers outstanding processability and adheres to polyolefins.

Knowing the importance of sustainable solutions to personal and baby care, Trinseo is constantly developing new and innovative material solutions, including bioplastics. APIGO™ BIO and APILON™ BIO provide alternatives to fossil-based materials to help brand owners achieve sustainability objectives without compromising performance requirements of the final part.

All Trinseo TPE can be used in injection molding and overmolding applications. We offer the convenience of being a single-source supplier of rigid and soft materials and offer overmolding support through our Specialized Overmolding Center that adheres to VDI 2019 standards for optimal adhesion to both polar and non-polar rigid substrates.

Trinseo TPE for personal care support applications including:

  • Baby care (e.g., baby spoon, teething ring, sippy cup spout, baby toothbrush)
  • Personal care (e.g., hairbrushes, toothbrushes, eye droppers, tampon applicators)

Our product portfolio includes:

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