High-quality, safe, and functional plastics for cosmetics and personal care

Trinseo produces a wide range of thermoplastic materials for cosmetics and personal care products meeting the rigorous requirements and standards of these markets.

Applications for cosmetics, personal, and baby care require not only the highest quality in thermoplastic elastomer solutions for safety, but economic materials that offer functionality and enable appealing aesthetics and haptics.

Trinseo thermoplastic elastomer solutions for this challenging consumer market conform with food safety standards and offer efficient processing properties. Our materials for the cosmetics and personal care industry offer indispensable properties such as solvent resistance and outstanding high color stability. They also exhibit almost no moisture absorption where this is a requirement.

For personal care items, we rely on allergen-free TPE materials. Needless to say that our TPE materials meet the requirements and high standards for cosmetics and personal care products, and comply with European Standard 10/2011 and FDA standards for food contact approved materials.

Trinseo is constantly developing new and innovative customized material solutions, including solutions using bioplastics developed with renewable resources. Trinseo’s APIGO™ BIO Bio-based TPO is an outstanding example of innovative material development. It is used as a substitute for polyethylene- or polypropylene-based materials in tampon applicators. This product innovation proactively responds to the increasing demand for hygiene products that are made from natural or sustainable resources. In addition to many other applications, APIGO™ BIO is also used in the various parts of a toothbrush that require TPEs offering hygienic and aesthetic properties, excellent compatibility with other plastics, and optimum adhesion properties.

Our cosmetics and personal care applications include:

  • Baby care items
  • Droppers
  • Handles, handgrips, knobs
  • Masks
  • Personal care (tampon applicators)
  • Pillows, mattresses
  • Pram/stroller wheels
  • Toothbrushes

Our products portfolio includes:

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