Supplying Polycarbonate for Electric Vehicle Charging Stations for a Greener World

Trinseo provides polycarbonate for electric vehicle charging stations for residential and public use as well as coupler applications.

The increase in electric vehicle (EV) use is being driven by urbanization, rising fuel costs, and the desire to reduce carbon emissions. Nearly every major automotive OEM has plans to launch an EV in the near future – if they don’t have EVs in their dealership showrooms already.

This interest comes, in part, from governmental regulations seeking to realize the environmental, economic, and energy security benefits that electronic vehicles provide. These regulations are causing automakers to develop and promote plug-in hybrid and all-electric vehicles with the aim of creating a more sustainable environment.

With this growth, comes the need to recharge a vehicle’s battery – at home, at work, and during travel and commute. Manufacturers worldwide are accommodating this need and developing innovative equipment to make battery charging convenient and accessible.

As a material solutions supplier to the automotive and electrical industries, Trinseo provides polycarbonate for charging stations. Typical requirements for these applications include:

  • Protection against vandalism
  • Flame retardancy, according to UL 94 standards
  • High impact resistance, maintaining performance down to -60°C
  • Light weight compared to metal
  • Transparent and opaque materials in a wide range of colors
  • Weather resistance in the most extreme outdoor conditions

Residential charging stations

Typically found in garages or carports, residential charging stations require minimal protection from harsh environmental conditions. EMERGE™ Advanced Resins from Trinseo deliver this requirement and also provide excellent aesthetics, design freedom, enhanced chemical resistance, and processability. EMERGE™ Advanced Resins also are available with a UV package for applications exposed to a natural light source.

Public charging stations

Installed mostly outdoors, public charging stations require durability. We have a range of high performance copolymers that perform in the most extreme weather conditions. Trinseo works with manufacturers of public charging station housings to specify polycarbonate blends that are durable enough to withstand temperature extremes.

Coupler applications

Coupler housings protect the critical electrical and communication connections that run from the charging station to the vehicle. EMERGE™ Advanced Resins from Trinseo offer key properties such as excellent electrical insulation, heat and chemical resistance, processability, and aesthetics. A wide range of colors is available offering versatility of design.

Contact a Trinseo expert today to learn more about our polycarbonate solutions for electric vehicle charging stations.

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Brochure

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Brochure

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