Polycarbonate for Electrical Parts, Boxes and Housings

Trinseo’s polycarbonate solutions are ideal for a wide range of electrical applications including power distribution boxes, sockets, switches, trunking, cabling, and housings and enclosures. 

Our broad portfolio of CALIBRE™ Polycarbonate Resins and EMERGE™ Advanced Resins accommodates the most demanding electrical equipment and components where properties such as ignition resistance, dimensional stability, and high heat distortion resistance are critical.

With cross-industry experience ranging from lighting to consumer electronics to automotive, Trinseo has the expertise with electrically powered and wired applications to meet the most pressing material challenges. Whether for housings and enclosures or an internal component, we can provide a material to address the special conditions of voltage, moisture, heat, and weather while offering regulatory compliance and safety.

Trinseo materials for electrical applications are readily available with the most commonly needed properties and can be customized to meet the requirements of specific applications.

Providing key properties for electrical applications

Trinseo supports the electrical industry with resins that offer excellent insulation and meet other critical requirements. Whether a customer needs materials for a plug, housing, cover, or socket application, Trinseo’s broad portfolio can deliver.

For more information about our polycarbonate for electrical parts, boxes and housings and enclosures, get in touch with a Trinseo expert today.

Injection Molding Brochure

Injection Molding Brochure

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