Addressing Energy Demands with Polycarbonate for Utility and Gas Smart Meters

Trinseo provides polycarbonate for utility smart meters – including smart gas meters – offering a distinct advantage and contributing to intelligent solutions for energy resource management.

With an on-going emphasis on energy savings, carbon emission reduction, and natural resource management, innovative utility smart meters continue to be in demand. Trinseo has been supporting this industry with plastics for indoor and outdoor utility meters for nearly 20 years.

Designed for smart meter housings, lenses, and terminal blocks, CALIBRE™ Polycarbonate Resins and EMERGE™ Advanced Resins from Trinseo provide the key properties needed, including high light transmission and heat resistance. Additionally, they provide excellent mechanical properties to guard against meter tampering and fraud.

Trinseo’s plastics portfolio is made up of customizable grades that offer very high ductility and durability over a wide temperature range. In addition, these high-performance thermoplastic materials possess the otherwise difficult-to-achieve performance properties for a meter’s essential components:

  • Housing: toughness and weather/UV resistance
  • Meter Display: excellent transparency and durability
  • Terminal Block: high heat resistance of up to 135°C
  • Smart Gas Meter Index Housing: performance materials with electrostatic dissipation

Ultimately, smart meter technology will allow utility companies to better match energy generation with energy consumption and Trinseo is happy to be a part of the solution. This will help control greenhouse gas emissions from existing power plants and help reduce the need for new power plants.

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High Performance Resin Tailored for Smart Meters

High Performance Resin Tailored for Smart Meters

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