Helping Customers Shine in a Competitive Global Lighting Market

Trinseo specializes in high-performance polycarbonate (PC) and PC-based compounds and blends for use in a wide range of LED lighting applications, including bulbs, tubes, lenses, reflectors, and housings. 

Government regulations and consumer preferences for energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness have pushed LED technology to the forefront of lighting. As this continues, Trinseo enjoys a leadership position – with several leading global lighting OEMs having qualified and selected our materials for their applications.

In fact, Trinseo has been supporting the LED lighting market with high-performance materials for more than a decade. We offer materials solutions for:

Around the world, Trinseo is a preferred supplier for lighting needs thanks to:

  • A plastics portfolio featuring CALIBRE™ Polycarbonate Resins and EMERGE™ Advanced Resins
  • Performance properties including best-in-class ignition resistance at various material thicknesses and melt flows
  • Large, global production infrastructure
  • Agile, dedicated experts focused on quality, consistency, and our customers’ needs

Discover more about our lighting experience and expertise with the resources below, or get in touch to connect with one of our dedicated technical professionals.

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